Company Sleeves (Australia)

This page aims to provide the Quo 7" collector with the correct company sleeve match to their Australian 7" singles. Most Australian releases did not come in a picture sleeve, but instead a "company" sleeve from the manufacturer (e.g. Astor or Vertigo/Phonogram).

When you look at auction sites such as ebay, you'll see items for sale in a variety of sleeves - often inappropriate for the year of release.

The science behind what record was in what sleeve on release is imprecise, so please treat this as a guide only!

Astor (1965-1971)

The Astor Sleeves for most releases from The Spectres, Traffic Jam, The Status Quo and Status Quo look very similar from the front. There are some minor differences though the years in terms of the folds on the rear sleeve and the typeface on the rear. See the link at the bottom of the page for full details.

Astor Standard

Astor (1973)

By the 1973 release of "Mean Girl", Astor had moved on to using a rather garish Yellow and Pink Swirl Sleeve

Astor 1973

Phonogram Sleeve v1 (1973-1976)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for Paper Plane through to Wild Side of Life.

Phonogram 1

Phonogram Sleeve v2 (1977-1978)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for Rockin' All Over The World through to Accident Prone.

Phonogram 2

Polygram Sleeve v1 (1979-1982)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for Whatever You Want through to Dear John.

Polygram 1

Polygram Sleeve v2 (1982)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for I Love Rock and Roll..

Polygram 2

Polygram Sleeve v3 (1983)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for Ol' Rag Blues and Maguerita Time.

Polygram 3

Polygram Sleeve v4 (1984-1986)

This is the Phonogram sleeve for The Wanderer through to Dreamin'.

Polygram 4



Plain Black or White Sleeves (1986 onwards)

You would expect The Anniversary Waltz to be in a plain sleeve if the dedicated picture sleeve is not available.

Plain Black Sleeve Plain White Sleeve

The information shown here is a guide. If you have any more precise information, then please share it with us.

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