Here are some other collector sites that you may find interesting. Note that we cannot be responsible for the content of these external sites Matthew's original Record & CD Collectors site. A sister site to this one which includes details on Quo's Worldwide releases (in less detail) and similar Worldwide discographies for a selection of other artists (Slade, Magnum, Thunder etc) Garry Fielding's Quo collectors site. Garry has also kindly helped us with some additional content for this site
The Status Quo Vinyl Collectors Corner Facebook group for Quo Vinyl collectors

We also like some sites outside of the World of Record Collecting. We hope you find these interesting too.

Lee Hawkin's Quo Gigography and news page

From The Makers Of The FTMO Facebook Page (Fan Club)
Status Quopedia French Language Quo Site with interesting articles and photos The Official Status Quo Homepage Long time Quo fan Ady Price customises guitars with a special interest in the iconic Fender Telecaster